New Technologies and Inclusion:
E-motion, E-ducation, E-volution

Date to be announced

Based on the data known so far and the concerns associated with the spread of the coronavirus, we made the decision to postpone the Congress.

New technologies, New Opportunities

While new technologies generate new opportunities, innovation may, at times, prove synonymous with exclusion. We change our world faster than we change ourselves. The richness and diversity of the ongoing technological innovation provide us with an unparalleled quality of life. We are now more than ever, equipped with tools that multiply our physical and intellectual capacities, give us immediate access to unlimited information, revolutionized communication and its limits, and subverted interpersonal, work, and power relationships. A changing world is an implacable world for those most fragile amongst us, who need time, protection and support to survive and who are different, in a world that wakes up different every day.


Time to think about it

What opportunities are new technologies offering us? What dangers do they hide? How are they transforming families, social and love relationships, jobs and free time? Does anyone know how to be a parent in the digital age? Do we know how to be teachers in the era of screens, the Internet, chats and posts? Are we fully prepared to deal with a millenial generation about to reach adulthood – a generation of online cosmopolitans and multi-taskers, indifferent to hierarchies and traditions?


Join us in Lisbon next March!

CADIn invites you to take part in our IV International Congress. We have organized a dozen workshops and more than 20 conferences by national and international experts. We will cover the most diverse topics of scientific and clinical relevance, from the neurobiology of learning to the new addiction pathologies related to the internet, including therapeutic innovations in neurodevelopmental disorders, new approaches for the inclusion of people with disabilities in school and work and dilemmas of contemporary parenting. With an eclectic offer of themes and speakers, as offered in previous editions, this event is meant to reach to a wide audience of educators, therapists, health professionals, caregivers and also parents. Join us in the 4th International CADIn Congress to think and discuss about the light and shadow side of a future that is already at our doorstep.

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19 March 12 Workshops

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20 & 21 March Over 20 conferences

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Covering themes including

Autism and ADHD across the lifespan. New Technologies for Assisted Learning. Social Inclusion. Non-invasive Neuromodulation. Family Interventions in Developmental Disorders. New Family Structures. Learning Disorders, Language Impairment and Dyscalculia. Sleep. Self-harm. Educational Models. Screen addiction. Test Batteries used to diagnose Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Emotional Comorbidities and Development. Innovative Therapies for Autism. Epilepsy. Gender Identity Disorder. Parental Training. Cyberpsychology. Maths and the Brain. Reading Development. IT and Education. E-bullying.

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